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Cannabis businesses look to MainStem when it comes to purchasing their supplies because we streamline the entire process using one integrated platform. Cut costs, risks and ensure compliance with our e-procurement technology backed by exceptional service, negotiated pricing, and strategic sourcing.


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Place orders, control spending, and submit payments across every vendor with one platform.

Strategic Sourcing

Industry Expertise

Proactive Delivery Tracking

Custom Approval Structures


  • Stop unauthorized spending
  • Centralize decision-making

  • Cut the risk of delays or mistakes
  • Wholesale pricing & quantity discounts 

  • Manage requests from all your locations
  • Create lists of approved vendors and products
  • Track and report your company’s spending with confidence
  • Works on browsers, phones and tablets
  • Free! No monthly fee.

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How it Works

Supply Audit

Submit your list with data about the products you buy, preferred vendors, and order frequency. A dedicated account manager will pre-load your store with the products and vendors you already buy from, and potentially connect you with new sources that can deliver the same product at a lower cost or fast delivery times.

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We set up a completely customized portal to adhere to your corporate identity, procurement structure, and spend policy. Including authorization limits and approval workflow.


Getting started with the MainStem Purchasing Platform is a breeze. Our online platform is intuitive, simple, and fast to set up. From our onboarding to product training to support, we focus on making things easy. Your dedicated account manager can train any purchasing managers on how to best utilize the platform.

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Start Ordering!

Now that your portal is live with products and your staff is trained you can begin placing orders for all your cannabis business supplies, from rolling papers to toilet paper!

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Send us a list of products regularly purchased and we’ll give you an idea of how competitive centralized purchasing can be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions below:

You simply plug our marketplace engine into your platform through one of three easy options and promote to your customers that you have a new store they can purchase easily from. MainStem manages the ordering process, payments, logistics, fulfillment and customer support. And you get a check every month, it’s that simple.

Absolutely. All communication to the MainStem referral API requires an SSL connection and we use 2048 bit SHA256 encrypted SSL certificates issued by licensed root certificate authorities. Our payment processor is PCI compliant and uses card tokenization to securely process transactions on debit and credit cards while requiring TLS 1.2 on all communications.

MainStem offers industry-specific products tailored to your businesses and consumers. If you’d like to add your own products to the marketplace, just let us know and we can fulfill them for you.

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About MainStem

We’ve spent the most recent couple of years making associations with several distinct merchants and curating countless items. Our online commercial center is the biggest one accessible to date. We’ve taken this commercial center and opened it up to our associates. We give you three simple alternatives to execute our member program.

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